Control Your Tongue: Naga Babu To Balayya

Hero Nandamuri Balakrishna made controversial comments on Telugu film industry biggies who were holding talks with Telangana government regarding shoot permits. This afternoon, Balayya was confronted by a journalist and off the record, he lashed out at Tollywood biggies. He went on to say that TFI people are meeting Telangana minister Talasani just for real estate business in Hyderabad.

These comments created a storm in the industry. As Balayya also mentioned minister Talasani’s name in his comments, the minister responded but refused to comment on the issue. “It is upto the film industry on whom to invite and as a minister I’m ready to talk with everyone,” said Talasani. Producer C Kalyan stated that he doesn’t know on what context Balayya made commented so.

But the real counter to NBK’s remarks came from Mega brother Naga Babu. He posted a video in his YouTube channel and said Balayya to control his tongue. “There might be a communication gap and at the same time I’m not supporting that that he wasn’t invited. But I’m saddened by Balayya’s remarks and he should urgently take back this comments. You are not a king in the industry, you are just a hero,” said Naga Babu.

Those are some strong words by Naga Babu and he seriously got upset with Balayya’s comments.

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