Opinion Article: India Is Back To Comfort Zone; Now What’s Next?

The present position in India is still not satisfactory to lift the lockdown. But many states, including Telangana, lifted the lockdown. Telangana, along with the complete reopening of the state, also announced that all educational institutions in the state will reopen from July 1 for physical classes.

As observed, lockdown is a necessity but the economy also not be ignored for a long time. This is why many citizens expected that the government will continue strict lockdowns in Red Zones. The other parts where the effect of the virus is minimal be given permission to work for the Society. And also, the lockdown is discontinued gradually, so the benefits earned during the Lockdown be considered, a milestone achievement. There is a huge need to maintain the social distancing even after lifting the lockdown. But will we succeed in doing so?

After states announced complete relaxations, netizens expressed concern and worry over India will presumedly enter into the third wave. Moreover, some sections of people have already forced themselves against the clock to host events and gatherings. So, it all depends on public cooperation as well. Lifting or continuing may be decided depending on the incidence ratio in a particular area. It can’t be state-specific but area-specific only. This will help to revive some economic activities and at the same time, controlling the spread in other identified areas.

With people’s understanding and cooperation, the current 1300 cases in Telangana might rise again, which we would not wish to happen anytime. The pros of continuing the lockdown will have to curb the spread of the virus in the first place. With the virus spreading at an increasing rate, lockdown is the only way we can reduce this risk. The cons include further misery on daily wage earners and the poorer section of the country among many other woes. But we can’t site all the cons and lift the lockdown as it will just boost the spread of the virus.

The only plausible way of dealing with this pandemic is to remain in lockdown and to take necessary precautions. But before we could understand what to do, the state government has already taken the final call. All we can do now is hope the public can collectively flatten the curve by taking safety measures. We are ought to see light at the end of the tunnel. The growth in India started to slow down but there was global optimism in India. The health sector is going to become huge globally. We will be buying more healthcare and we have a corporate sector that can step into. There will be many opportunities further.

India saw huge destruction in the second wave because of the poor healthcare infrastructure. We all have seen some devastating visuals of people gasping for breath, and one must never forget how people died due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, and medicines. However we cannot point fingers at the government alone, we as citizens have also done enough damage. After witnessing the worst-case scenario of this pandemic, it’s our duty to obey the guidelines so that we all can beat this together!