Revanth Reddy: Can He Pull Back TDP Voters From TRS?

The rise of the TRS in Telangana is directly proportional to the fall of the TDP. TRS that arose with the Telangana sentiment has got the TDP down in the new state. The region, which was once TDP’s bastion, has become the pinkdom. KCR’s dynamic leadership coupled with political acumen has cemented the TRS party in the state and got it into power twice. This straight away affected the TDP. TDP’s strong cadre including its leaders, sympathisers, supporters have shifted their loyalties to TRS and other parties.

Many of the TDP’s senior leaders have subsequently become part of KCR’s cabinet. TDP’s leaders are divided as a majority joined the TRS, whereas some of them joined the Congress and BJP.

Cut to the chase, KCR’s bete noire Revanth Reddy’s elevation in the Congress as the T-PCC chief has now brought fresh hopes to the beleaguered party. Revanth being a fire-brand and a strong opponent to KCR and most importantly had his roots in TDP, has been maintaining good relations with his former colleagues. Cutting across political parties, Revanth has good support.

As the TDP’s cadre and voters were split between the TRS, Congress and BJP, the major challenge for Revanth Reddy is to consolidate the anti-TRS vote and take on KCR. Some TDP leaders and partymen, who were totally confused between choosing TRS, Congress and BJP, has got a ray of hope in the form of Revanth. Many of Revanth’s old colleagues are likely to join the Congress in Revanth’s support.

Meanwhile, Andhra settlers in Telangana too waiting for an alternative party to emerge. And for them, Revanth is the hope. Settlers have positive outlook towards Revanth. This is also proved when Revanth was elected as the Malkajgiri. MP The comments of Congress MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy that Revanth would turn the T-PCC into the Telangana-TDP also can’t be ruled out. This may help the struggling Congress to pull back the TDP voters from the TRS and BJP towards it. But this is not an overnight exercise and it takes months or years. The moot question is that whether Revanth can pull back the TDP voters from the TRS? Only time will tell.