YSR’s Family Has No Future In Telangana’

Telangana’s Finance Minister Harish Rao argued that the successors of YS Rajasekhar Reddy will not have any future in Telangana politics. He reminded how YSR sidelined the struggle of Telangana and betrayed the people of the state. He also said that Congress Leaders fight for positions but not people.

Harish participated in an event held in Sadasivapet of Sangareddy district the other day. An MPP, six sarpanches and a few other leaders have shifted from Congress Party to TRS Party under Harish’s presence.

Speaking at the event, he said, “In the past, YSR said, ‘Is Telangana a cigarette or a beedi that can be given so easily?’ He demeaned us throughout his reign. TRS party did various development activities in the last seven years, what the other parties failed to do in their 70-year rule.”

“Congress leaders are daydreaming by sitting in Gandhi Bhavan. They should come out to the public to see how people are supporting the TRS party. They should stop fighting for positions and start fighting for people,” added Harish.

The Minister also took a dig at YS Sharmila who launched her party a couple of days back. He said that the Telangana people didn’t forget the betrayal of YSR and they won’t support his family members.

He also added that successors of YSR have no right in asking for people’s support after all these years. “How can we support people who looted our water, lands, assets, and self-respect?” he questioned.