Many Parents Are Exploring Online Learning Options

During COVID-19 pandemic many parents across the world are worried about their children’s academic progress.

During pandemic many schools give automatic grade level promotion to every child even though the child has not met the grade level objectives. This is going to make the student suffer in the next grade, post COVID-19.

In USA and Canada, there is no other program like Curie Learning, for challenging and nurturing K-12 students to reach their optimum potential. Schools are falling short in providing the skills students are expected to acquire during K-12 education. COVID-19 pandemic made it even worse.

Realizing the need for providing quality education to their children during these difficult times, many parents reached out to Curie Learning requesting online course offerings. Curie decided to offer important courses such as SAT/ACT, English Writing, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Writing and Math classes for Grades 5 and 6.

Curie students scored perfect or near perfect in SAT/ACT and 131 middle school students trained by Curie got into Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology (a #1 ranked High-school in US) in 2020 admissions.

Curie programs are not repetitive in nature and are conceptual and application oriented, making them more interesting for the student. Lessons are taught by experienced, qualified and trained teachers with expertise in the subject area. Curriculum is developed by people with a thorough understanding of rapidly changing needs of the 21st century.

Curie Learning was founded and is run by Dr. Venkata Rao Mulpuri – a college professor with 40 years of experience in pre-K to Ph.D. level education, along with his team of committed educators. Curie is the only program, which regularly conducts seminars by experts in various fields to inspire and help students in setting goals, a key factor for success.

Curie also conducts several national level STEM competitions for encouraging healthy competitive spirit. In essence, Curie Learning is the only K-12 program striving to make a difference in the lives of their students and in molding them into well-rounded human beings.

To serve the students throughout US and Canada, Curie is also looking for franchisees who are passionate about education and knowledgeable about the American/Canadian school system.

If you want to be a partner in bringing this unique program to your region as a Curie Learning Franchisee in 2021-2022 Academic Year please contact Curie immediately.

For more information on Curie online courses and for franchise opportunity, please call: 703 582 0436 or Email to: /


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