Indrani Release Promo – Saptagiri as Agent Sai

As Indrani film is gearing up for a grand release on June 14th, makers have released 3 separate release promo videos from the film. These promos are intended to give the audience an insight into the type of entertainment they will get apart from the grand visual experience they get from the futuristic world the director has created using top notch visual effects.

Saptagiri as ground reporter and Sunaina as news anchor – Director has carved a fantastic entertainment featuring Saptagiri who plays the role of a frustrated ground reporter who provides ground report to a dumb new anchor Sunaina. Makers are confident that more than 25 minutes of hilarious conversations between them will take the audience to a rollercoaster ride of laughter.

Ajay as Mogambo – Makers are excited to reveal that actor Ajay played the role of Mogambo in the film and his episode will be one of the major highlights of the film. From the director it is a tribute to the late legendary actor Amresh Puri sir who played the original mogambo character in the film Mr.India.

A.I. Robot as Happy – From the beginning to end of the film to end, Indrani will be working with an A.I robot named happy which will help her in her mission. Makers are very confident that Happy will entertain all sections of the audience including kids very much. Director has mentioned that there are more than 250 VFX shots of the robot in the film and it has taken several months to create it.

Writer & Director Stephen Pallam has mentioned that Indrani is a perfect hybrid of mass and marvel elements infused seamlessly into the story and will entertain all sections of audience making it a perfect summer commercial entertainer with a touch of futuristic backdrop.