Special Focus: Ban On IPL Trends!

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) – The richest cricket board in the world that can dictate the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Ravi Sastry – One of the best Cricket Coaches in the World.

Virat Kohli – World’s number one captain!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – The best mentor any cricket team can ask for!

Despite having all the resources, team India put a disastrous show in the ongoing T20 Cricket World Cup. The cricket lovers expected that India will beat New Zealand on Sunday to enter the semi-finals but the reality is harder than anyone can ever imagine.

Team India lost two consecutive matches to Pakistan and New Zealand and confirmed their exit from the prestigious tournament. Ever since India lost to NZ, the fans, cricket lovers, sports enthusiasts, and media is debating about the ban on the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Indian Premier League is one of the biggest, costliest, and the prestigious cricket tournaments in the world that discovers the real talents in the sport. Since its inception, IPL has produced many Indian talents who are currently playing in the National team. Not just for Indians, the tournament is also a boon for the foreign players. If a player has skill and talent, he will certainly get fame along with a fancy salary.

However, it is yesterday’s discussion. The need of the hour is the ban on the tournament as it is affecting the game of the cricket players. Many are sharing opinions on social media that BCCI should discontinue IPL and focus on strengthening the Indian cricket team.

Is IPL a threat to Team India?
Certainly Not. Because of IPL, BCCI could form two separate teams of India and send it to two different countries this year. Team India played Test-Series in England and also played an ODI tournament in Sri Lanka. BCCI spotted the talented players by following IPL and made two teams. IPL has become the platform for many young and rural cricket players to display their skills to the world. It is not a threat.

Why is #BANIPL trending?
BanIPL is the latest trend on social media. There is an opinion that cricket players are restricting themselves to a comfort zone and not focusing on their game. A few say that the cricket players would get paid a huge sum in IPL when compared to the amount they earn when they play for the nation. They showcase it as a reason for the poor performance of players in International tournaments. Another reason in circulation is that team India is playing cricket without any break and just after three days of the IPL final, the team started preparations for the T20 world cup. Many comments that BCCI is not giving enough rest and time for the players to prepare themselves for the game.

In reality, India is not the only country that is playing the IPL. Players from all the other countries are also playing in the IPL. Kane Williamson, the NZ captain plays for Sun Risers Hyderabad and his team defeated India on Sunday. The players from England, West Indies, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Afganisthan who play in the IPL are currently playing in the T20 world cup. If IPL is draining the Indian players, it should also show an impact on the foreign players too!

However, the key aspect that is being ignored is picking up the right team.

Ahead of the selection of the team for the T20 world cup, many opined that the BCCI selection committee should consider the performance of players in Domestic Cricket tournaments as well. However, the committee has given major importance to the players who displayed a supreme form in the IPL.

The poor form of players in the Indian Premier League will not get enough attention but when they play in an International tournament, the spotlight will be on the player. BCCI completely failed in picking the right team for this world cup. Multiple players in the current team are struggling with form issues. Most of them needed some more time to prepare themselves for this tournament.

Despite playing continuous cricket, team India failed to display a commendable show in batting, bowling, and fielding. A 10-wicket loss to Pakistan and a 9-wicket loss to New Zealand is something that the team should introspect.

Physical fitness is equally important to Mental fitness. Team India is playing in a bubble ever since the COVID breakdown happened at the beginning of 2021. Team India is not allowed to meet anyone outside the bubble. They were in a bubble when IPL was conducted in India. Later, they traveled to England and restricted themselves to a bubble. Dubai edition of IPL took place in a bubble and it is still continuing for the ongoing T20 world cup. Sometimes, playing in the bubble can cause anxiety. Not much is spoken about the mental fitness of the cricket players and this should be the time to give importance to the same.

BCCI should take up this criticism as the wake-up call to understand why the team is not performing to the best. If the board and the team management do not act immediately, the ongoing criticism can become a negative trend against the upcoming Indian Premier League where 10 teams will participate.