Covid Nightmare: Over 15 Lakh Children Lost A Parent!

The state of being orphaned is an important issue in wake of the Covid Pandemic which had deserted several lives of innocent kids in the aftermath of their parents who died in consequential illnesses of Covid. In India, over 1.2 lakh children have lost a parent due to the pandemic. Globally, over 15 lakh children are reported to have experienced the death of at least one parent.

The Lancet study estimated that out of the 15 lakh, from March 1, 2020, to April 30, 2021, 11,34,000 children lost a primary caregiver. To be precise in India, 25,500 children lost their mother to Covid-19 while 90,751 lost their father and 12 lost both their parents. And, 11,34,000 children lost a parent or custodial grandparent due to Covid-19 worldwide.

In global statistics, we have 10,42,000 children who have lost their mother, father, or both. It is unfortunate to learn that overall 15,62,000 children are estimated to have experienced the death of at least one parent or a custodial or a co-residing grandparent.

For children, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Iran, the USA, Argentina, and Russia are the worst-hit countries with more orphans now. In comparison, the number of children orphaned is now greater than the number of deaths among those aged 15-50 years.

The sudden state of being orphaned also leaves children filled with uncertainties and unstableness. It was argued that children experiencing Covid-19-associated deaths of parents or caregivers are at greater risk of family separation and institutionalization. Therefore, sending to orphan homes ought to be avoided because it has negative effects on social, physical, and mental development.