100,000 Green Cards At Risk Of Going Waste This Year

Within two months, nearly one lakh employment-based Green Cards are at the risk of being wasted amid Indian IT professionals waiting for legal permanent residency. The usual quota is 140,000, but this year’s quota for employment-based immigrants is 261,500, far higher than the usual.

As per the law, it is saddening to learn that these visas will be lost forever if they are not issued by 30 September. The feeble pace of the ongoing processing by US Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS suggests the aforementioned issue.

More than extra 100,000 Green Cards might go futile unless the USCIS or the Biden administration take some necessary steps immediately. The White House did not comment on the questions asked in this regard.

Soon after, a group of 125 Indian and Chinese nationals living in the US filed a lawsuit to prevent the administration from wasting the Green Cards. All of them are waiting for a decade or more to upgrade to permanent resident status. If the USCIS does its job efficiently this year, these immigrants finally have the opportunity to become permanent residents.

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