All You Need to Know about NAPLAN

Acquiring a firm grip over the core subjects in a test such as NAPLAN can be quite challenging. The journey of academic excellence begins with building strong fundamentals and applying the same to solve questions asked in the test.

With hectic schedules for students that involve school course work as well, preparing for NAPLAN needs timely guidance and information about the strategies that can help students to perform well on the D-day.

NAPLAN is an extensive evaluation test taken by students of years 3,5,7 and 9 in Australia. The test aims to give a thorough awareness of the student’s academic progress for the parents and the schools alike.

By following strong assessment guidelines, NAPLAN brings a thorough evaluation of literacy and numeracy skills – leading to a clear picture of where they stand in these subjects. It also gives a good understanding to the Australian schools about how the students are progressing and offers detailed feedback on the focus areas on improving their teaching methodologies.

Building strong fundamentals in Language and Mathematics is a much-emphasized concern for many parents and at the same time, the roadmap for gaining the same is often blurred. Adding to these concerns, the mode of NAPLAN changed in the year 2018 from pen and paper to online and some of the educational institutes are still in the transformational phase to online mode. This is also raising many questions in the minds of parents and students about awareness of scoring criteria in each of these modes.

NAPLAN’s assessment criteria for literacy are more extensive compared to the numeracy skills- and such challenges lead to a lot of key questions going unanswered. Moreover, the students appearing for the online mode are worried about time management and other preparation aspects of the test.

Turito, an innovative e-learning company that offers courses for various competitive exams spanned over India, Australia, the US, and the Middle East is proud to present a resourceful webinar “NAPLAN–All You Need to Know” that brings valuable insights into the test. It also throws light on the result-oriented preparation strategies, practice tests, and a thorough prep plan for the examination.

The webinar emphasizes the key challenges faced by students who are planning for NAPLAN and how the test modes have changed in recent years.

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Our webinar aims to clear the air on the challenges faced by the students who are appearing for both pen and paper and online modes. Turito focuses on offering thorough guidance right from the test prep, practice tests, and revision plan with its exclusive NAPLAN course as well. With its interactive and innovative methods of teaching, Turito believes in quality learning and creating a seamless NAPLAN prep experience for the students.

With this exclusive webinar, Turito also aims to equip the students and parents with all the knowledge they need to prepare and appear for NAPLAN – by confidence-building and ease of approach towards the test prep.

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Here are some of the crucial aspects covered during the webinar:

Understanding the pen and paper mode and online testing methods of NAPLAN

Strategies for scoring high in Literacy and Numeracy

Striking the right balance between school and NAPLAN test prep

Effective tips making the test prep preparation easier

Turito’s specialized approach to ace in NAPLAN

Date of the webinar: 14th August 2021

Time: 7:00 pm AEST, 5:00 pm AWST (Perth), 6:30 pm Adelaide

Speaker: Mr. Durga Prasad Kunta, Global Program Head of Turito

A renowned academician with 28 years of teaching experience, with a background in B.Tech – (IIT & AMIE), MSc (Maths), Child psychologist (USA), Education Management is here to decode NAPLAN for parents and students. Having solid experience in the field of academics, Dr.Durga Prasad is all set to clear the air relating to everything NAPLAN. He would also explain in-depth about Turito’s NAPLAN course that has interesting methodologies aimed at student’s academic excellence.

So what are you waiting for, know everything you need about NAPLAN by booking a seat in our webinar!

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