Baba who kissed hands to cure Corona, dies of Corona


The word pandemic means an outbreak of a disease and is pertaining to ALL the people. This word cannot be taken lightly or carelessly. In spite of aggressive actions, coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly to all corners of the world.

But, there are a few people who don’t understand the seriousness. Especially, some babas are playing with the novel virus only to gain publicity and showcase heroism. But least they understand they are dooming themselves in this dangerous game.

The incident which happened in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh tells a frivolous tale of a local ‘baba’ who kissed the hands of devotees, leading to the spread of the virus to many people.

The reports came in that, more than 85 people have been found infected in Ratlam district and 19 of them came in contact with the ‘baba’ in the Nayapura area. This self-proclaimed godman is known for treating people’s problems and health issues by kissing their hands and using black magic.

On the one hand, the government and health experts are urging us to maintain social distancing and here, baba kissed his devotees. Ergo, he died on June 4 due to coronavirus.

Ratlam district is currently having 46 active cases and our people have died due to COVID19. Nodal officer Dr Pramod Prajapati also admitted that 24 people have been found infected who were in contact with the ‘baba’.

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