Covid-19 India: 13,586 New Cases

Corona India

In the biggest spike since the outbreak, India has posted 13,586 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours. This is for the first time that the cases have gone past 13,000 mark in a single day. 336 people have lost their live yesterday and the total death count now stands at 12,604.

Also in a milestone, over two lakh people have recovered from the virus in the country and the total recoveries is 2,04,710 while the active cases count is 1,63,248. Maharashtra is leading in the highest number of cases with 1.20 Lakh while next is Tamil Nadu with 52,000 odd cases.

There is a drastic spike in the cases count in Telugu states as well. Andhra Pradesh has over 7000 cases and last night Telangana has crossed 6000 mark. From Telangana, 198 people have died but in AP, the number is below 100.

These numbers show that the predictions of ICMR and other experts is coming true. Covid-19 is likely to have its severe impact in the coming months.