US: Florida To Become Next Epicenter?

The number of Coronavirus cases in the US is seeing a huge spike from the last few days with daily cases recorded as the country is reopening. In Florida and Arizona, the number of cases is increasing at a faster pace and that too with a large number of younger people increasingly testing positive.

Florida with more than 100,000 coronavirus cases is worrying health experts if it could become the next epicenter of the pandemic. On the other side, with an increasing number of cases, Miami mandated mask-wearing or face-covering in public, as announced by Mayor Francis Suarez.

More than 120,000 people have died due to coronavirus in the US and more than 2,292,764 cases have been recorded in the US, as of Sunday. On Monday there are 11,478 cases and 137 deaths in the US.

The New York state finally flattened the curve and now coming back to normalcy slowly. The state launched the reopening plan phase 1 that allows a large number of people to get back to their work including non-essential workers, after 78 days of stay-at-home.

The worldwide coronavirus cases count is above 9 million so far and more than 470,100 died due to it.