Pure Gold: Pune Man’s Corona Mask & Memes On Him

The penchant to show off the ornaments and other expensive stuff is not that we have not seen. But there is a limit and time, even for the showoff. Here is a man, Shankar Kurade, a resident of Pimpri-Chinchwad of Pune district, who got a mask to keep himself safe from coronavirus spread, but got it made of pure gold.

Shankar got a mask made of pure gold, worth 2.89 lakh rupees. The mask is thin with minute holes so that there should be no difficulty in breathing. We do not really know whether this golden mask with tiny holes is any effect in preventing him from being infected, but his pure-gold-act is bringing laughs and jokes from all over.

While the purpose of wearing the mask is to keep themselves safe from virus spread, but many have been questioning the common sense of this Pune man for using a mask that doesn’t really protect him from coronavirus.

Many have been cracking memes on his pure-gold mask, saying that he could have donated so many cotton washable layered masks for such whopping amount spent. Some even as it would have been very effective if there were no holes at all!

Well, this happens when a person takes the virus as seriously as his love for gold. It looks like both his expensive useless mask and the memes on him are pure gold.

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