Covid-19 Tests Crosses One Crore Mark In India

From World Health Organisation (WHO) to many reputed medical experts, all have suggested that testing is only factor that can help to gather the real data of the impact of Covid-19. Accordingly the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has asked the states to do more tests and detect the virus as early as possible.

The first Covid-19 cases in the country got detected on January 30th and since then nearly seven people are infected of the virus. For this tests have been performed to one crore people so far. ICMR has officially acknowledged these figures and added that still there is a long way to go in containing the virus.

Andhra Pradesh has stood as the leading state with over ten lakh tests while the next is national capital New Delhi. Telangana is bottom to second in the list with just over one Lakh tests which is very low.

Still the Telangana government is no mood to increase the number of tests and is just doing 6500 per day. There is an outrage in the media, social media and also among the public. Yet the TRS government is completely unmoved.

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