French Priests Bless Aircraft – BJP Fans Having Field Day

Back then when French-made Rafale jet arrived in India in July of 2020, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh performed a special pooja to the plane, which sparked outrage. The liberals and anti-BJP fans have accused the Defense Minister of doing the wrong thing by performing Hindu rituals to a national property like a truck driver who keeps lemon under the tyres before starting the vehicle in order to wade off the evil eye.

Cut to the present, six Rafale jets were delivered to Greece as well by the French aircraft maker Dassault, and guess what, the Catholic priests performed prayers for the jets and blessed them with holy water. Later the same blessings were given to officials as well and handed over the planes to the airforce. BJP fans are now questioning why these liberals who made a show then are not even questioning what the French priests have done when they have shattered the supporters of BJP to pieces back then.

Trolling the liberals and the leaders of Congress, BJP supporters could be seen sharing the videos of Greek Priests blessing Rafale jets all over Indian Twitter right now. Guess what, the nationalists and the liberals are right now saying that they will not be worried about what happens in a country outside of India, but only worried about things within the boundaries of the country.

On that note, we should reiterate the fact that prayers and poojas to jet planes are just a religious belief, but the ability of the plane lies in the hands of the pilots who maneuver it. Their skill and experience result in great things by such jets during wars, but nothing else. Isn’t it?