Robbers Wearing PPE Kit Loot 780 Grams Of Gold

The Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in a drastic reduction of crime in the country in the last three months. But post the unlock, the crime has again started increasing and robbers are now taking new ways to do the crimes. In Maharashtra, robbers looted 780 grams of gold in a bizarre way.

This incident happened in Phaltan area of Satara district where in the robbers wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and stole the precious metal from a jewellery shop. The thieves entered the jewellery by breaking in through the wall and all this was captured in the CCTV installed inside the store.

The thieves were seen wearing caps, masks and hand-gloves while the jewellery store owner was stunned the manner in which thieves hid their identities.

A case has been registered but the police need perfect leads to trace the robbers. Well certainly, this would ignite other robbers who suffered during the lockdown. Hope the police chase this mystery and find a way to catch the robbers even if they wear PPE or any kind of mask.

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