Mixed Variant Of Omicron & Delta Spreading Fast In India

The latest reports suggest that India will witness the fourth wave of the coronavirus soon. After experiencing the Omicron and Delta variants, we will now have to face the recombinant version of these two variants, named Deltacron.

It is reported that the cases of this variant are already being detected in India. The COVID Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) and GSAID stated that more than 568 Deltacron variant cases have been detected in the country as of now.

As per the report of Telangana Today, Karnataka witnessed more cases (568) of this variant. Then, there are other states like Tamil Nadu (90), Maharashtra (66), Gujarat (33), West Bengal (32), Telangana (25), and New Delhi (20).

According to the NHS UK, the symptoms of this variant will be the same as the previous variants. High temperature, contagious dry cough and losing smell and taste will be the major symptoms of this variant.

The Deltacron variant was first detected in mid-February in France. Slowly, it started spreading across the country. The doctors suggested everyone follow the necessary social distancing rules and COVID-19 protocols.