Covid-19 Vaccine: First Shot Given In Hyderabad

Apparently the clinical trails of most needed Covid-19 vaccine has started in various countries and Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech is one of the first companies to develop a vaccine for the pandemic. As expected, the first shot of the vaccine is given today.

One of the primary clinical trial centre for supposed Covaxin happens to be NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad. And today, doctors and scientists from the company have induced the first shot of vaccine to a healthy volunteer today morning (July 20). Currently, they call the vaccine as investigative medicine and will be checking for the side effects it might create after injected into a human being.

Though the details of volunteer are quite confidential, for now, it is coming out that the volunteer is quite stable and there are no visible side effects. After getting approval from ICMR and then from DCGI (Drug Controller General of India), Bharath Biotech has started the Phase 3 trials of the vaccine.

If all goes well, Covaxin might get launched on August 15th as speculated earlier.