Body Shaming: School boy Kills his classmate

A 12th standard boy has allegedly murdered his classmate for body shaming comments on the former. This incident reportedly took place on Saturday (May 14th) in the school but made it to the headlines quite late.

According to the local police, the deceased allegedly called his friend “girlish” and continued to tease despite repeated requests and pleas from the accused. Angered by body shaming remarks, the accused allegedly stabbed the deceased multiple times with a sickle and knife.

The crime was reported on a highway in Kallakurichi district. The accused boy was sent to an observation home by the police after producing him before the judicial magistrate at the juvenile justice board.

This murder by a juvenile has raked up a huge uproar in Tamil Nadu while experts are worried about the behavioural pattern in students to get that aggressive. In the recent past violence between students, consuming alcohol, targeting teachers and also behaving inappropriately in class are on the rise in Tamil Nadu.

With this latest crime, the Tamil Nadu government woke up and is organising student counselling in all the schools. TN Education minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi said those who cross the line will face severe consequences and will be dismissed from schools.

We often hear celebrities falling victims to body-shaming comments but this is a psychological disease that needs a lot of awareness.