Hyd Woman Lost IT Job; Turns Vegetable Seller

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to several layoffs across the world and we all are hearing many devastating stories. The axe fell across several industries including IT, Technology, Pharma, Auto, Retail et al. To save cost and keep business running, start ups and mid-range firms are either laying off employees or cutting down the compensation by up to 50%.

Hyderabad-based IT engineer Sharada, who turned vegetable seller after lost her job due to this pandemic. Undeterred after losing her job, Sharada was brave enough and she decided to sail through this hardship. She is continuing her father’s profession of selling vegetables at Sri Nagar Colony in Hyderabad along with her brother.

Speaking about the situation, Sharada says ‘It is not a insulting thing and I used to do it with my father in the past. When government announced lockdown, my company couldn’t afford work from home and being a new joinee, I didn’t had a lap top to support them. So, they decided to lay off me and there is nothing to regret.’

She also appealed other youngsters not to find their career only in one path.

Like Sharada, several thousands of people have been axed by their companies and unemployment is exponentially worsening.

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