Sharpshooter Was Placed At Salman’s House In Mumbai?

The death of singer-politician Sidhu Moose Wala is unraveling many dark secrets and shocking details. The accused in Sidhu Moosewala’s murder, Lawrence Bishnoi allegedly planned to kill Salman Khan.

If the latest reports are anything to go by, the members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang did a recce of Salman Khan’s house and his routine. A sharpshooter was also placed at Salman’s house but the plan was foiled at the last moment.

Salman Khan doesn’t take security guards with him when he goes cycling. The Bishnoi gang planned to take him out during that time, but the sharpshooter reportedly backed off at the last moment after seeing a police vehicle at the actor’s house.

Mumbai police identified the people involved in delivering the letter to Salim Khan, Salman’s father. The two initials in the letter G.B and L.B are being interpreted as the names of Bishnoi and his Canada-based aide Goldy Brar. Police state that Mahakal revealed that Bishnou’s aide Vikram Barad had taken the letter to Salim Khan.

Bishnoi is the main suspect in the murder of Sidhu Mosse Wala, but he reportedly planned and executed the murder, and he was not involved directly.