High liquor prices: Andhra men drink sanitizers and die

The other day it was at Prakasham district and today it is in Kadapa district. Three men from the AP CM’s district have consumed sanitizers and have died. This incident was reported in Pendlimarri and in the last one week, a total of six people have died with for the same action

The main reason behind the men consuming sanitizer is, it has considerable alcohol content in it. In AP, the liquor prices are very high. Especially after Jagan took over the government, the prices are hiked multiple times.

CM Jagan himself stated that due to the high prices, the sales have come down and he is committed to ban liquor in a phase wise manner.

However, the high prices have hit the lower income group badly. They are unable to buy in the quantity, they used and in this gap, there is a talk that sanitizers give the same kick like the liquor available in wine stores.

Learning about this a few men from Kadapa have sanitizers and consumed it. One person died on the spot after consuming it while another died at RIMS hospital. Third death is reported this morning at the victim’s home.

16 people died in Prakasham district last week.

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