My Confidence Level Increased: Modi After Meeting Spl Child

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled several digital platforms at Digital India Week 2022 in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar. During this, PM Modi has interacted with a special child Prathamesh Sinha.

11-year-old Prathamesh is visually impaired and he is the brand ambassador for Thinkerbell Labs which made Annie, world’s first self-learning Braille literacy device. Prathamesh has explained the product to the PM.

PM Modi listened to Prathamesh with a lot of curiosity and finally PM Modi asked him, “Where are you from?” For which, Prathamesh replied, “I’m from Pune.” Impressed by the boy, PM Modi placed his hand on the child’s head and moved on.

Speaking at the do later, PM Modi mentioned special child Prathamesh Sinha and said, “I have just met Prathamesh Sinha. When I interacted with him, he introduced himself as the brand ambassador for the company he represents.

The way he introduced himself has really impressed me. When I meet such people, the confidence level that our nation won’t stop progressing multiplies. Our country will fulfill all its future dreams because of inspiring people.”

With PM’s appreciation to Prathamesh Sinha, the company shared the video online and wrote, “Today we feel incredibly proud as Thinkerbell Labs’ Brand Ambassador Prathamesh explains our product Annie to the Honourable Prime Minister of India, @narendramodi. We created our product Annie with a vision to make education more inclusive. No disability should ever stop a child from learning. Just like our young star Prathamesh, Annie has equipped many visually impaired children who are brimming with potential.”