Covid-19: India Beats US In Single Day Cases

Over the last few days, India is reporting over 50K Covid-19 new positive cases and on Monday, 52,972 cases were filed. This has made India go past the United States in a single day. The US reported just 48,694 cases which is low compared to India.

As per the stats, India’s infection rate is 3.3 percent while the US’ is just 1.4 percent. At this rate, in the next two weeks, India could have 90,000 cases. Already India has surpassed Brazil in daily infection rate and the worst is yet to come.

Meanwhile the cases count is dropping in the US which is a relieving thing.

Also India has breached into the 18 Lakh cases mark and the death count too has hit 38K mark. Currently the total death count is 38,971 which means, it is only a few short of 39K mark. By the end of this week, India’s death count is likely to hit the 40K mark.

India is placed fifth in the total deaths and third in the total number of cases.

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