Kid Asks For PS4, Sonu Sood’s Reply Is Epic!

Sonu Sood has won many more fans with his acts during the lockdown. The actor helped thousands of migrants reach home during the lockdown, helped many with jobs and he even provided a farmer family with a tractor.

There have been memes on Sonu Sood, of course appreciating his good deeds. And there are some funny fools thinking they could exploit Sonu’s good gestures to help the needy. Here is a kid who asked Sonu Sood to send him a Play station (PS4) as other children around him are enjoying the lockdown time with games.

Well, the actor’s reply is epic. He trolled the kiddo back with a reply, saying that not having a PS4 means he is blessed. Indeed, he advised the boy to get some books and read, and he can do that for the kid. Needless to say, this is a savage troll that made that boy delete the tweet.

Earlier too, a drunkard asked Sonu Sood to help him reach a liquor shop, but Sonu offered him the help to bring him back home from the shop instead. Sonu Sood’s good deeds along with the tweet replies are winning hearts.

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