Watching YouTube, 12 Yr old makes wine in Kerala

YouTube is a big influence in India. From old to young, everyone consumes videos with data being cheap in India. Over the years hundreds of YouTube channels have come up with unique content and information. But there are adverse effects of YouTube as well and here is one such case reported in Kerala.

A 12 year old prepared grape wine and offered it to one of his friends. The boy who consumed the wine witnessed side effects such as uneasiness and vomiting. He was rushed to hospital and after his condition turned stable, was discharged from hospital.

Learning about this incident, the police lodged a complaint and probed how the 12 year old prepared this wine experiment. The boy admitted to preparing wine using grapes bought by his parents. He revealed that he did not use any spirits or alcohol while he just followed the procedure shown on YouTube.

The police collected the samples of the wine and with permission from a local court, they sent the samples for chemical testing. The police also counseled the kid about the legal consequences just in case if the wine had any harmful substance.

This incident exposes how kids have access to tech at their fingertips and it is a vulnerable situation. Being aware of what to do and don’t(s) is something parents should teach their kids.