Fun Gone Wrong: Bride And Groom Into Intense Fight

Weddings are usually traditional and some of the events are supposed to have rituals with fun. A wedding event has gone beyond the fun when the bride and groom got into an intense fight.

A clip from a wedding in Nepal went super viral where the bride and groom get into push and pull while feeding each other. In the video, the groom and bride were supposed to feed each other and bride tries to feed him first but forcefully. She jumped on to him and rolled over him in the fun intended process.

The video garnered more than 80,000 likes and it has all types of reactions. One commented, ‘Marry your best friend they said, it will be fun they said 🤪’. Another comment has, ‘Deepak Kalal and Rakhi Sawant Wedding video 😂😂🤣’ and ‘Bhai behen zada lagre hein 😭’.

One more funny comment has, ‘Referee kha hai?? 🤪🤣’. In fact, a woman was trying to stop them from getting into a fight, but she could not handle the determined bride.