Urfi Files FIR On Man Blackmailing Her For Video Sex

Known for her weird fashion choices that are often too bold for normal people to handle, TV actress and Bigg Boss contestant Urfi Javed is once again in the news, as she posted about a man who is blackmailing her.

In an Instagram post, Urfi shared that a man from Punjabi Film Industry with whose sister she worked earlier, is threatening her to do video sex with him.

As per the WhatsApp chat screenshots shared along with the post, the man is said to be threatening her of releasing an old video, if Urfi fails to oblige his request. The actress however claimed that even that old video is a fake one, a morphed one indeed, about which she posted on social media two years ago.

Calling that the accused is a threat to society as she is threatening her with cyber rape, Urfi Javed also revealed that she filed an FIR almost 15 days but Mumbai Police haven’t taken any action yet.

With her post going very viral now, maybe the police will swing into action and do the needful. The actress shared even pictures of the man, who seems to be an actor.