Now, Married Women Can Participate In ‘Miss Universe’

The organizers of the Miss Universe beauty pageant have taken a historic decision of allowing married women to participate in the competition. As per this new rule, married women can join in the competition from 2023.

In its 70-year-old history, marriage and parental status have become major obstacles for a woman in the Miss Universe competition. From next year, these obstacles will be cleared.

Unmarried women aged between 18-28, with no children, are only allowed to participate in the competition. The beauty pageant winners are also required to stay unmarried and not have children throughout the period they hold the Miss Universe title.

The organizers have issued a memo informing of this significant change of rule in the competition. According to The National, a statement in the memo read, “We all believe that women should have agency over their lives and that a human’s personal decisions should not be a barrier to their success.”