Corona: ICU cases Increased in Hyd

There seems to be no end for the Corona pandemic in the near sight. While the official number of Covid cases seem to have slowed down Telangana, the latest is that the number of the Covid cases that require Intensive Care Unit (ICU) treatment have also increased.

As per the latest statistics, one-fifth of the total Covid cases are having requirements of the ICU treatment. This is mainly due to other health complications that arose due to Covid. While a few are having immunity issues, lack of strength, many others are suffering from the other complications.

Also patients who initially neglected the Covid and having imposing self isolation at homes are getting hospitalised at later stages. In some cases, people are shifting from regular Covid wards to the ICUs and are providing life support. Doctors are advising patients to get the tests done at the right time and get the treatment at the earliest.

The fresh number of cases reported on Saturday, Aug 15 till 8 PM is 1102. And the total number of cases in the state touched 91,361. However, the recovery rate is good. On Saturday alone, 1930 people have been recovered from Covid. The total number of recoveries are reported at 68,126.

The total deaths reached 693 on Saturday with 9 deaths reported in the last 24 hours. The Telangana government’s Public Health & Family Welfare department in its medical bulletin stated that the recovery rate in the state is 74.56 percent whereas the country’s recovery rate is at 71.6%.

The total active cases in Telangana stood at 22,542. Of which, 15,502 people are in home or institutional isolation.