Viral Video: ‘Kiss Me’ Version Of NTR’s Komaram Bheemudo

One of the most iconic and touching songs from the magnum opus RRR is none other than the Komaram Bheemudo song. While Ramaraju will be punishing Bheem for his misdeeds against the British Government rather unwilfully, Bheem will be singing the song with that pain in his eyes and fire in his heart.

Cut to this viral video, there are sleuths on the internet who remix things and make something out of everything in order to get it trending. One such guy has now made a video, where the visuals from Komaram Bheemudo song are synced to the popular “Kiss Me” song of the Diary Milk commercial. No doubt, the editing is spot on and the sync is appearing quite natural, and that’s the reason this video is going viral now.

For folks who have connected with the emotion of RRR’s Komaram Bheemudo this editing seems to be rather silly and insulting to the original, while those who love entertainment out of everything might really enjoy it. On a whole, these types of re-edits are one of the trends of the current generation and they are having a field day too.