Coming soon!: Gold & Grey Tick Marks On Twitter

Elon Musk is making huge changes in the micro blogging site, Twitter. But most of the changes are centered around the verification i.e, ‘Blue Tick.’ After taking over Twitter, Musk initiated a subscription model for the verified ‘Blue Tick’ and now there will be colorful tick marks for the verification.

The Twitter chief believes that having multiple colors will make things easier. As per Musk’s plan, companies are likely to get the gold color verification tick while grey color for governments, and blue will be exclusively for individuals who are most celebrities and noted personalities from various walks of life.

Musk explained why he is opting for different colors for verification. “All verified accounts will be manually authenticated before the check is activated,” said Musk. But Musk wrote that this verification process is a painful task but is necessary.

Regarding the same, Musk is expected to give a longer explanation next week. Also the subscription model that was received breaks due to huge flow of spam accounts, will also be re-introduced later this week.

So far we have seen Twitter with ‘Blue Tick’ and it might be more eye pleasing if we see gold and grey tick marks. This will give a more clear idea of the Twitter handle and can reduce spamming.