Priyanka Fans Trending ’Shame On Farah Khan’

What shocked many Friday evening and night is the way the hashtag #ShameOnFarahKhan trending everywhere on Twitter. This is because of her presence on a TV show and people are just got shocked as to how that particular show is taken quite seriously by a section of the audience.

Apparently for the ongoing Hindi version of Bigg Boss, noted choreographer and director Farah Khan turned up as a guest host other day. During taking a class to all the contestants for their behaviour inside the house, Farah blasted both the contestants Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Tina Dutta for their behaviour inside the house. However, the viewers of #BB16 felt that Farah is actually pretty rude to both Priyanka and Tina, and hailed that Priyanka is going to become the winner of the trophy this season.

Ever since the clips of this particular happening started to flood the internet, fans of Priyanka started trending #ShameOnFarahKhan. Guess what, now the choreographer is limiting her posts on social media, and also on Instagram she turned off the comments section for her new posts. Well, sometimes fans go really crazy.