Eccentric Director’s Short Film Shot On iPhone Is A Rage

iPhone maker ‘Apple’ is making sure to penetrate more into the Indian markets and for that, they have roped in star filmmaker Vishal Bharadwaj. He has come up with a 30-minute musical short film titled “Fursat” that is being streamed on Apple’s YouTube channel right now and being hailed by many celebrities.

Vishal Bharadwaj has come up with this short film that was shot entirely on iPhone 14 Pro, which might now provoke more aspiring filmmakers to take up that route. The director chose a sci-fi subject where hero Ishaan Khattar will be able to see the future and wants to save his girlfriend, played by Wamika Gabbi, from a train robbery. More than the story, it’s some of the visuals that were shot on iPhone that are actually getting attention. At the same time, Vishal Bharadwaj’s songs, score and Gulzar’s lyrics are also making noise.

However, for the kind of setups like underwater, deserts, Rajasthani palaces and other backdrops, the visuals are stunning we have to say. Right now everyone is appreciating Vishal for choosing to shoot something on iPhone, thus adapting to the new generation’s thought process. But then, will some new filmmaker get similar applause if he makes a movie or short on iPhone is something we have to see.

FYI, already a couple of new filmmakers in Telugu have shot the whole of their films on iPhone but they didn’t make any noise or sense. For a film, the writing and making are important not just the camera alone. Period.