Memes Flood After Arbaaz Plays ‘Roger Federer’ In Ad

The internet feels that if the tennis legend Roger Federer has a perfect doppelganger, that would be Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. Arbaaz is often mentioned in the memes about Roger Federer and looks like Arbaaz took them seriously. He acted as Roger Federer in an advertisement and the memes started flooding it.

Arbaaz Khan posted a commercial on his Twitter account, where he can be seen as ‘Roger Federer’. He says how he won 20 Grand Slams and has the ‘best single-handed back hand’. This ad is all about a coding firm. Arbaaz’s sarcastic act on how bad he is at tennis, yet still claiming he is Federer won the internet.

The video attracted a huge number of memes and why not, when all the previous memes and references to Arbaaz’s stark resemblance to Roger Federer turns real. The last punch in the ad where Arbaaz asks ‘Rogester’ for the coding firm is hilarious.

Check out the video and also the memes that followed.