Cricketer Prithvi Shaw’s Fans Attack For More Selfies

Cricketer Prithvi Shaw got caught up in a brawl with some fans after the latter refused to leave him demanding more selfies.

The Mumbai cricketer was leaving a luxury hotel near the Mumbai airport in the early hours of Wednesday. Two fans – a man and a woman approached him for selfies and they refused to back off before demanding more photos. Prithvi Shaw called for his friend and the manager of the hotel to have the fans removed.

The fans were sent out where they waited with the baseball bats for the cricketer to come and then mobbed him. Prithvi Shaw drove off and they even chased him to the traffic signal near Oshiwara and broke the windshield. They also demanded 50,000 rupees threatening to file a fake police case.

Eight people have been named in the police case for allegedly attacking Prithvi Shaw. Shobhit Thakur and Sapna Gill are among the identified attackers. They denied the charges and instead accused the cricketer of assaulting them first. Sapna Gill has been arrested.

A video of Sapna Gill and Prithvi Shaw went viral where the latter is seen clutching a broken baseball bat.