Woman Kills Mother, Chops, and Hides The Body For Months!

In yet another gruesome killing and chopping incident, a 24-year-old woman Rimple Jain killed her mother and cut her into pieces at their house in Lalbaug. The woman also hid the remains at the house for over two months till the incident came to light on Tuesday. The police arrested Rimple Jain.

The police have identified the deceased as Veena Prakash Jain (55). They also found a sickle and an electric marble cutter inside the home. Police suspect that the tools were used to amputate Veena’s limbs.

The decomposing body of the deceased was found in a plastic gunny bag in a cupboard and her several limbs in a water tank in the bathroom.

Veena Prakash Jain was last seen alive on December 26 by a neighbor. Veena used to stay with her daughter. The accused used more than 200 perfumes and air fresheners to cover the foul smell coming from the rotting corpse.

The incident came to light when one of Veena’s nieces went to the Lalbaug house to give her money for monthly expenses. When Rimple did not open the door, the niece inquired about them from the neighbors where she came to know that Veena has not been seen for over two months.

The niece informed her mother and an aunt. They all went to Lalbaug house and knocked on the door. Rimple opened the door after some time but closed it immediately. The suspicious relatives barged into the house and found a strong rotting smell. They took Rimple to the police station.

The police visited the house and found the victim’s torso and head wrapped in a saree and stuffed inside a polythene bag, and her limbs were found in a steel drum in the bathroom.

Rimple reportedly told the police that Veena had fallen off the first floor on December 27 last year. Rimple confessed her crime but has not made any revelation regarding the motive behind murdering her own mother.