US: Cops’ Bodycam Footage Of Taking Down The Nashville School Shooter

Disturbing Footage: Viewers Discretion is advised

The Nashville school shooting incident left many people angry and many others worried about the increase in school shootings.

Police have shot and killed the mass shooter Audrey Hale in the school. Police have released the disturbing bodycam footage of the moment officers took out Audrey Hale.

Also, the CCTV footage from inside the school building is out, where Audrey shot the entrance glass doors and entered the building, walking through the hallways and deserted corridors.

The bodycam footage released by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department shows officer Rex Englebert and Michael Collazo going through the school hallways as they hunted down the 28-year-old killer.

They entered the building and were seen rushing towards an atrium on the second floor of the private Christian academy and they were heard shouting ‘shots fired’.

Immediately after they got eyes on Hale, the bodycam shows officers quickly firing as the shooter also shot at them. Hale was seen dropping to the floor and the officers shouted at her to stay away from the gun and stop moving. They shouted, ‘don’t move’ and ‘get your hands away from the gun.’

The shooter was reportedly being treated for an emotional disorder.