Reporter Proposes Salman For Marriage, His Reply Is Cute

Salman Khan’s marriage is a never-ending discussion and a reason for a ton of jokes even though the actor made it clear that he is no longer interested in getting married.

On a recent event’s red carpet, a female journalist proposed to Salman Khan for marriage. When the journalist said that she fell in love with Salman the moment she saw him, the actor replied and said, “Are you talking about Shah Rukh Khan?” The journalist replied and said, “I am talking about Salman Khan.”

The journalist asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ Salman Khan replied, ‘My days of getting married are over. You should have met me about 20 years ago.’

Needless to say that the journalist is one of those millions of female fans Salman. The 57-year-old actor is helping actors like Prabhas and other singles who are being pressured to get married soon.

Meanwhile, the reporter who asked this question is steaing the internet, because she is beautiful and talented. And she is Alena Khalifeh.