Viral: Dead People From Odisha Accident Thrown Into Carriers

The triple train collision in Odisha is the biggest tragedy in recent times claiming more than 300 lives so far and several hundreds injured. The rescue operations are relentlessly going on.

The drone visuals from the accident area left the people shocked by the destruction that happened and to imagine how the passengers must have been at the time of the collision. Meanwhile, several heartbreaking videos are coming from different places around Odisha where the injured and dead were shifted to.

A man searching for his son in the rows of dead bodies laid, three rescue men dumping bodies in an auto carriage to shift to the place where the family can claim the bodies and many such videos have come out.

While the latter was heart-breaking on one side, it is more on the uncivilized way to treat dead people. Many question why the rescue members are treating the dead as if they are throwing away some object, but not a human being.

Another video surfaced on the internet where the people are helping themselves with broken limbs while many others just lay on the ground, unable to move.