Two Biggies’ Theater Clash In Hollywood, Superstar Upset

We see a lot of theater clashes for the movies releasing on the same date here. Many openly exhibit their frustration upon not getting enough theaters during peak season. Though it is not uncommon to scuffle here, something similar is happening in Hollywood too.

The two most anticipated biggies Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are releasing in a gap of just one week. Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible – The Reckoning Part One is coming on July 12, while the Oppenheimer is hitting the screens on July 21.

Oppenheimer took away all of the IMAX screens from Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning and Tom Cruise is heard to be furious over the happening. Tom is heard to have shown the film to exhibitors to convince them to switch from ‘Oppenheimer’ and also ‘Barnie’ which is also releasing on July 21.

Both Oppenheimer and Mission Impossible are the films to be watched best on large-screen formats, but Tom reportedly lost three weeks of IMAX exclusivity in the first truly competitive summer of blockbusters since Covid.

Christopher Nolan shot Oppenheimer entirely with the IMAX large-format cameras and Universal announced the film’s outing in July 2021 much before MI 7 which was dated in early 2022. Tom Cruise is heard to be putting all efforts into saving as many non-IMAX screens as he can.