Telangana Medico Manasa Sets Herself Ablaze, Dies

A tragic incident unfolded in Khammam as a 22-year-old dental student, Samudrala Manasa, took her own life by self-immolation in her hostel room on Sunday. The reasons behind her extreme step are still unknown.

Authorities reported that Manasa, originally from Mahabubabad, was a third-year dental student at Mamata Medical College in Khammam. She resided in a hostel situated near the college.

According to the police, the student doused herself in petrol before igniting the flames. Suffering severe burns, she was immediately rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

In a separate incident, the lifeless body of a 16-year-old girl was discovered in an agricultural well in Vilasagar village, Rajanna Sircilla district, on Sunday. It is suspected that she may have taken her own life by jumping into the well following a scolding from her parents for spending excessive time on her mobile phone. Further details are yet to be revealed.

These distressing events have left the community shocked and saddened. The authorities are conducting investigations into both cases to ascertain the underlying causes that led these young individuals to such tragic ends.