Chinmayi Pools Rs 85L With 3K Videos To Help The Poor

Sonu Sood received applause for being the Messaiah for many during the Corona crisis. He helped many in reaching homes, getting operated for health complications and even helped a techie secure a job.

Now, popular singer Chinmayi Sripada, who had been vociferous in the #MeToo campaign on Twitter, too exhibited her generosity during the lockdown period. During the Corona crisis, Chinmayi catered her time for people in financial need.

In the last six months, she had recorded nearly 3,000 audios and shared them with listeners, thereby pooling Rs 85 lakh donations.

She said, “For the last few days, I have been singing songs and dedicating them, sending greetings personally to people wanting to listen my voice. I had recorded around 3,000 videos and sent them to different listeners. People transferred money directly to accounts of those in need. So far, I pooled Rs 85 lakh donations. I just want to continue this programme for those who do not have money to even buy provisions and those who cannot pay the school fee.”

She said the donation drive would continue till the lockdown is lifted completely.

“In the last 10 years, people have been requesting me to say “hello” like I said as Jessie in “Ye Maya Chesave” or asking me to speak in a specific style. I never knew I could use this opportunity in this way. It is fun doing different things for various people as per their wish and desire. I never asked any person to give a lump sum amount as donation but one day, an NRI gave Rs 1.5 lakh as donation to 20 families and one student gave Rs 27 as donation. Many people took part in the drive. There are many people who are benevolent and it only strengthened my belief in humanity among people,” she said.

Queen bee Samantha too hailed the singer for the donation drive on the social media.

Hope many more celebrities join the campaign and carry forward the tradition of benevolence and charity.

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