Ujjain Rape Case: Those Who Didn’t Help Teen May Face Charges

A 15-year-old girl in Ujjain was raped, left half-naked and bleeding. She went door-to-door begging for help and no one helped until a priest gave her clothes and called the police.

Now the police informed that the people who did not help her may face charges in the case. They may face action under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act for failing to report or register the commission of a crime.

The police found an auto-rickshaw driver who did not inform the police and they are looking for more through CCTV footage. The autorickshaw driver Rakesh Malviya who ferried the young girl in his vehicle did not inform the police.

The girl crossed a toll booth on the way. The staff there gave her money and some clothes, but none of those took her off the streets and called the police.

The father of the main accused – Bharat Soni’ said his son must be punished with the death penalty. Bharat Soni is also an auto driver and was caught after an extensive investigation.