One Million Coronavirus Cases In The USA

The number of coronavirus cases in the USA surpassed one million with more than 57,000 deaths since it all started. The predictions from the model by researchers say that the number of deaths could rise in weeks coming. The number doubled in just 20 days, as the total number of cases recorded on April 10 is 500,000.

The stay at home order is still on in almost all the states in the US, and many of them have been planning to reopen the businesses post this weekend. The social distancing and sanitation practices will still remain mandate even if the retail, offices, and other businesses open next week and many of them may want their customers to wear masks while entering the stores. Many small business owners have been protesting in many states against the lockdown.

In another report, President Donald Trump is heard to be asking the governors to consider reopening the schools, while there is no clarity yet on measures he could suggest upon opening schools. A University president opined that schools and colleges which mainly depend on tuitions may not recover if not reopened in fall this year.

The epicenter New York state recorded more than 295,000 cases so far with more than 23,000 deaths due to it. New York City alone has more than 12000 confirmed coronavirus deaths, while the probable coronavirus deaths are more than 5500. More than 157,000 people from New York City are infected with coronavirus with more than 41000 hospitalizations.

The state of New Jersey recorded 113,890 cases. New Jersey is next to New York in coronavirus cases and deaths, today recorded more than 400 deaths due to it bringing the total to 6500 deaths in the state with a total number of positive cases at more than 114,000.

On the other side, the airline companies have been asking the passengers and attendants to wear masks during their travel. American Airlines announced that their flight attendants need to wear face masks starting May 1 and Jet Blue is the first airlines to ask passengers to wear face masks from May 4.