Singapore Airlines To Deliver The Flight Food to Home

The global pandemic is teaching the new normal to all. The airlines are one of the biggest fields that had to see absolute low incomes of all times and even though the situations are getting better with travel, they had to find a way to survive and beat the downtime.

Singapore airlines are innovative in these times as they started a never-before business for an airline. It is found that the frequent air travelers are missing the food served on flights and the Singapore airline company announced they will deliver the food to home.

They started the services from October 4 and by the next day afternoon, they received more than 50 orders. The business class food costs around 288 USD and the food served in the first class is at 488 USD, excluding the GST. They will be giving a wine bottle along with the food delivered.

Not just that, but the A-380 Jumbo jet flight at Changi airport, is all set to be opened as a temporary restaurant. The flight restaurant will be open from October 24 and the bookings can be done from October 12.

Along with this, the airlines is launching the crew training programs to the general public on dates November 21,22, 28, and 29. The training fee would be 16.06 USD for kids and 32.10 USD for adults. The registrations for training programs will be open from November 1.

Proving the phrase of necessity and invention right once again, the Singapore airlines is launching innovative programs to save their business. We have to see if other country airlines too pick up these ideas so as to compensate the earnings lost due to the flying restrictions when the world is locked down.

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