35 states in USA set to reopen

The novel Corona virus has killed over 60,000 people in the United States and nearly two months, the cases and death counts are slowly coming down. Earlier in this view of virus, many states have imposed lockdown.

With things coming to normalcy, about 35 states out of the 50 are planning for reopening and lifting of lockdown. However, things won’t be normal as many industries and business across the country have been shut.

It’s New York state and city that is severely affected due to Corona. The city that never sleeps is the main economy for US and people are hoping that New York will get busy in the coming days.

About 26 million people have enrolled under unemployment and this number could touch 30 million say experts. With the lockdown, the US economy has gone into negative for the first quarter but economic advisers believe that the economy will be stable throughout the year and may show signs of improvement next year.

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