#Melodi makes the internet go gaga

Over the last few months, the warm and positive interactions between the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Georgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, at global events made Indian netizens gush in admiration.

Their camaraderie was also subsequently memorialised in memes and reels that positioned them as a couple and painted their association with a romantic lens. These memes were often paired with the hashtag #Melodi, a combination of the words Meloni and Modi.

The romantic aspect of these memes were heightened tenfold when Georgia Meloni broke up with her partner of eight years, journalist Andrea Giambruno in 2023.

In a surprising turn of events, Meloni seems to have acknowledged the #Melodi phenomenon when she and Modi met in Italy recently for the G7 summit. After a couple of their photos posing together went viral, Meloni shared a video which had her and Modi laughing while saying the words, “Hello from the #Melodi team. Narendra Modi has reshared Meloni’s video, adding, “Long live India-Italy friendship.”

The social media handle of BJP has shared another picture of Meloni and Modi posing for a selfie, writing, “Strengthening international cooperation like never before.”

While the Internet is going “aww” at the stream of #Melodi content, India-Italy bilateral relations are getting a strong push, cementing the strong relationship between these nations for the times to come.