PUBG Love Brings US Woman To India

We have recently heard the case of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, who fell in love with an Indian national while playing PUBG and came to India to meet him. Another similar case made the news lately when another young female gamer, now from the USA, has come to India, and what happened next shocked many.

Brooklyn (30), a resident of Florida in America, befriended Himanshu Yadav, a man from Etawah in Uttar Pradesh, while playing PUBG. Their acquaintanceship turned into friendship and then soon enough, love. A few months ago, Brooklyn came to Chandigarh to meet Himanshu. Himanshu met her and they got married. After getting married and spending some days in Chandigarh, Himanshu brought Brooklyn to his hometown, Etawah.

The residents of Etawah were more suspicious than surprised to see a foreign woman in their village. Their collective reactions compelled the couple to return to Chandigarh. In a shocking turn of events, the locals informed the police that Himanshu was forcibly taking a foreign woman with him. As the couple boarded an RTC bus, the conductor and driver also became suspicious. They informed the RTC regional manager Parashuram Pandey. Following his orders, the driver took the bus directly to the police station.

The UP Police took Brooklyn and Himanshu into custody. During the investigation, it was revealed that Brooklyn willingly agreed to go with Himanshu and there was no coercion whatsoever. The woman expressed her full consent to travel with Himanshu to Chandigarh via Delhi. They informed higher authorities about the matter and the matter was resolved.